08 March 2024


Piano Day Vol. 3Piano Day Vol. 3

I’m happy to announce the release of my new piece Kiss as part of the Piano Day Compilation Vol. 3.
You can listen to Kiss now on the platform of your choice, and you can pre-save the full album here (to be released on March 28th).
I posted some infos about Piano Day last month, but you’ll find below a few more words about this piece in particular.

Kiss was recorded with my upright piano and the Rhodes MK8/75AE, a very special limited edition of their new Rhodes MK8 piano, that was recently offered to me by Rhodes. I am discovering the instrument and I wanted to create something special for Piano Day.
The idea was to play the Rhodes first, then the piano, and that the two of them blend in harmony. In this musical meeting, the Rhodes first starts the conversation unveiling the subject in play, while the piano joins and rises through a melody and an improvisation to tell more about the story.

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